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Nix & NixOS Cheatsheet

Nix & NixOS Cheatsheet Preview

What's Inside the Cheatsheet?

Package Management 📲

Manage your packages with ease. Learn commands for updating, searching, installing, upgrading, listing, and removing packages in a Nix environment.

Per-Project Shells 🐚

Set up isolated environments for each of your projects, ensuring dependencies don't clash and projects remain reproducible.

Flakes ❄️

Quickly look up how to use Flakes in different situations, how to address them, how to use certain output attributes.

Building Packages 🏗

Discover how to efficiently build packages in Nix, ensuring reliable and consistent builds every time.

Input Management 📜

Handle and manage your package inputs seamlessly with tools like Niv and Flakes, ensuring consistent and reproducible builds.

NixOS System Rebuild 🛠️

Rebuild and manage your NixOS system configurations with ease. Learn commands for rebuilding, rolling back, and deploying to different hosts.

Nix REPL 🔁

Dive deep into Nix's interactive environment. Explore variable assignments, attribute sets, functions, and more with hands-on examples.

Special Syntax and Functions 🔬

Uncover Nix's unique syntax and built-in functions that make the language powerful and expressive.

Documentation Links 📚

Get direct access to the official Nix and NixOS documentation, allowing you to quickly find detailed information on tools, languages, packaging, and more.

Nix & NixOS Cheatsheet Preview

Discover a comprehensive collection of commands and tips for Nix & NixOS. This cheatsheet is designed to help both beginners and experienced users!

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